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"Four in one" storage technology of grain steel warehouse


In the 1990s, due to backward grain storage technology and equipment, spoilage, condensation, heat generation, insect damage, and mildew occurred from time to time during grain storage, making the grain loss at that time extremely alarming. With the development of science and technology, the four-in-one technology of grain storage has been applied to steel silos.

Use the "four-in-one" grain storage technology to cooperate with the original grain processing technology, such as cleaning and screening, grading, and suction dust removal. Through mature and complete management methods, safe grain storage can be greatly realized.

What is four-in-one storage technology? Liangyou will introduce to you in detail below.


[FDSP] 8-4000T Corn Warehouse Storage Project in Grain Industry

Jiangsu Liangyou Chia Tai Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, design and manufacture of steel silo equipment and storage system engineering technology. The silo can be equipped with temperature measurement systems, ventilation systems, material level systems, and circulation fumigation systems according to customer needs. It can achieve the purpose of quasi-low temperature storage of grain with a lower cost, greatly improve the quality of stored grain, extend the storage time, reduce aging, reduce the cost of pest control, and ensure the safety of stored grain.


1. Grain condition detection

Electronic technology is used to realize real-time monitoring, analysis, prediction and control of changes in grain conditions during grain storage, and it can also expand grain condition monitoring on grain moisture, insect pests, and phosphine gas concentrations. Through the software, the staff can grasp the grain situation in time, analyze whether it is in a normal state, and adopt measures such as cooling or dehumidification to ensure food safety. At the same time, data can be printed and saved.

2. Ventilation technology

After the grain is put into the warehouse, it should be ventilated in a timely manner according to the needs and climatic conditions, to reduce the temperature and moisture of the grain, and to increase the safety of the grain storage. Mechanical ventilation is a commonly used and effective ventilated grain storage technology. The mechanical ventilation technology of grain storage is to use ventilation equipment to promote gas exchange in the grain pile in the warehouse, balance the temperature and moisture of the grain, and prevent fever and mildew.

3. Fumigation and insecticide

Phosphine circulation fumigation technology is through the circulation fumigation system, forced air circulation, to promote the even distribution of phosphine gas in the steel silo, to achieve effective insecticidal purposes.

When the average grain temperature is above 25°C and there are no resistant insect species, the minimum concentration of phosphine in the grain in the steel silo must be kept above 70m1/m (ppm); the average grain temperature is below 25°C or there are worm species Or when there are strains of resistant insect species, the minimum concentration of phosphine in the grain pile should be kept above 100m1/m(ppm).

4. Grain cooling

The grain cooling of steel silo is controlled by cooling to keep the temperature below 15°C (low temperature) or 20°C (quasi-low temperature) for a long time. Let the grain be stored for a long time to keep it fresh, avoid the reproduction of pests, and at the same time avoid chemical fumigation pollution, and realize green grain storage. It enters the lower layer of the grain pile through the ventilation pipe network. Under the action of cold negative pressure, the cold air fully absorbs the heat of the grain during the bottom-up movement, and then the hot air is discharged out of the bin through the axial flow fan on the top of the grain bin.


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