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Standard use and daily maintenance of mixer


The mixer is a relatively simple feed processing equipment, but improper operation in daily use will affect the performance of the equipment and the quality of feed products. In order to help customers popularize the common sense of the use and maintenance of the mixer, and give full play to the best performance of the mixer, we will communicate on the daily operation and maintenance of the paddle mixer.

One: Follow the principle of "two no surpasses":

1: The amount of loaded materials in each batch cannot exceed the maximum batch mixing amount allowed by the mixer;

2: The volume cannot exceed the maximum batch working volume allowed by the mixer.

Appropriate charging is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of mixing. Too much material will cause the mixer to overload and cause equipment damage; at the same time, it will affect the mixing process of the materials in the machine and cause the mixing quality to decrease; if the material is too small, the efficiency of the mixer will not be fully utilized, and the mixing quality will also be affected.





2: Allocate appropriate dry and wet mixing time

For batch mixers, the appropriate mixing time is very important. If the mixing time is too short, the materials will be discharged without being fully mixed, and the mixing quality cannot be guaranteed; if the mixing time is too long, the materials will be over-mixed, sometimes causing classification, which will affect the mixing quality, reduce production efficiency and increase energy consumption .

According to experience, the dry mixing time of the paddle mixer is recommended to be no less than 40 seconds to ensure that the materials can be mixed evenly before spraying; the refueling time is recommended to be no more than 60 seconds, and the wet mixing time is recommended to be no less than 20 second.

Three: Reasonable feeding order

When there is a significant difference in the particle size of various materials, the larger particle size is generally added to the mixer first, while the smaller particle size is added later. When the density of the material has a big difference, generally the material with low density is added first, and the material with high density is added later. When there are liquid components to be mixed, put in all the powders and mix for a period of time before adding the liquid components, and finally mix them with the powders evenly.

Four: Maintenance

Through maintenance, various performance indicators of the equipment can be kept intact, its operating efficiency can be improved, and its service life can be prolonged, so that the enterprise can obtain long-term production benefits.

The daily maintenance work of the paddle mixer mainly includes:

(1) Fill the bearing of the mixer with grease on a 3-month cycle;

(2) Check the oil level of the gear reducer regularly for 2 months, add or replace if necessary;

(3) Regularly check the tension and wear of the chain and belt in the chain drive or belt drive for one month, and adjust or replace if necessary;

(4) When the blades in the mixer adopt a prefabricated installation structure, check the gap between the blades and the tank body every month, and adjust in time if they are worn out;

(5) Clean up the residues accumulated on the tank body and rotor assembly every week;

(6) Clean the filter screen in the grease adding pipeline every half month to remove impurities.

The above suggestions can be adjusted appropriately according to their actual usage. If you want to get the best use effect from it, you need to standardize the use of equipment and do the daily maintenance of the equipment at the same time, so as to bring the best efficiency guarantee to the entire production.


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