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After the epidemic, the new policy of breeding industry is worth understanding


With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, the country will surely introduce some new policies to adapt to the changing needs of the market. As an important part of agriculture, the aquaculture industry has been reorganized and reformed.

Let’s take a look at the specific new policies:

1. Special breeding rectification

In order to block the source of infection and the way of transmission, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the State Forestry and Grass Administration issued the "Announcement on Prohibition of Wild Animal Trading". It can be seen that these special breeding industries will basically be shut down after the epidemic is over. For this type of farmers, it is necessary to transform as soon as possible to avoid long-term losses.




2. Resumption of pig production

Adjust the scope of subsidies for farmers’ loan interest subsidies from more than 5,000 heads a year to 500 heads. Before the end of February this year, all counties (cities, districts) will complete the payment of interest subsidies for loans to pig breeding and slaughter companies in 2019.

3. Scale breeding of livestock and poultry

Adjust and optimize the scale of land use for livestock and poultry breeding facilities, appropriately relax the proportion of land used for ancillary facilities for livestock and poultry breeding, and allow the construction of multi-storey buildings for breeding facilities.

4. Animal disease prevention and control

Strengthen the monitoring, early warning, prevention and control of zoonotic diseases. Support the construction and transformation of veterinary system laboratories. The provincial and municipal levels have reached the level of biosafety and above, and the county level has reached the level of biosafety.

5. Harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry

The county (cities, districts) financed the 2019 subsidy funds for the harmless treatment of sick and dead pigs in advance according to 50% of the subsidy amount of the previous year. Starting this year, other livestock and poultry species such as cattle, sheep, and poultry will be included in the provincial subsidy policy for the harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry.


Now the country has issued a wild prohibition order, which has a great impact on the special breeding industry. There are many special breeding industries, such as peacock, sika deer, baby fish, sturgeon and other farmers who are affected by the epidemic and policies. The impact on aquaculture this time can be said to be the least. If special aquaculture cannot continue, you can also switch to aquaculture. Other poultry and livestock breeding have a high market share, and are also good choices for changing careers.

Eliminating the consumption of wild animals and strengthening special breeding control have made room for growth in livestock, poultry, pig, aquatic and other aquaculture industries. Various localities will also have corresponding policy support, thus driving the development of the entire breeding ecological chain. The feed industry will also receive rain and dew. I believe there will be a better market for the aquaculture and feed industry next year.


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