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A good helper for organic fertilizer fermentation


The organic fertilizer turning machine adopts the fermentation tank mode to produce organic fertilizer. It is a kind of raw materials placed in the fermentation tank, the materials are turned over, stirred, and broken in the tank, so that the materials can be fermented, matured, and degraded. It is easier to obtain stable fertilizer than static composting. Product performance and odor control are better at the same time.

The trough type fermentation turning and polishing machine has reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, convenient use and low cost. It is a highly efficient model that is popular with users. The trough turning machine saves land occupation as a whole. The fermentation tank is built on a flat ground with two walls to form one or more fermentation tanks. The trough turning machine works on the fermentation tank and is usually driven by a motor. Due to the high-speed rotation of the drum of the trough turning machine, the blade on the drum crushes and mixes the fermented material in the fermentation tank, and the material is turned over by the drum, and the pile is loosened.




Common faults and solutions of organic fertilizer turning machine:

1. Difficulty in flipping

It is often because the fertilizer layer exceeds the thickness, the blades and shafts are severely deformed, or the foreign matter is entangled, or the foreign matter on the transmission teeth is blocked or damaged. It can be solved by removing the excess fertilizer layer, repairing blades or shafts, and removing foreign objects.

2. Unsteady walking. The reducer is noisy or heats
up. The problem is mostly caused by foreign matter in the walking gear or rack or reduced lubricating oil. The common solution is to remove foreign matter and add lubricating oil to solve this problem.

3. Click to start difficult or unable to start, accompanied by buzzing sound

When it fails to start, problems often occur in the bearing, which may be due to excessive wear or damage of the bearing or deformation or bending of the reduction shaft. Therefore, the condition of the bearing should be checked and replaced in time during maintenance. This problem may also be caused by the voltage being too low or too high. In this case, you can wait for the voltage to stabilize before starting.

Liangyou organic fertilizer special turning and throwing machine has high efficiency, stable operation, sturdiness and durability, and even turning and throwing. It can adjust the walking speed at any time according to the moisture density of the material, and complete the operation and throwing speed of the entire tank at one time. It has the function of crushing materials to achieve The full contact between the material and the air makes the fermentation effect of the material better.





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