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Why is the small pig feed pellet machine so popular?


Now there are more and more domestic farmers and farms, and the number of pig farmers is increasing year by year. In order to promote the rapid and healthy growth of piglets, farmers generally feed the piglets. In order to save the cost of purchasing feed, small and medium-sized farmers and feed manufacturers generally purchase small pig feed pellet machines by themselves to produce pellet feed for piglet growth.

The main reasons why the small pig feed pellet machine is so popular are as follows:

1. Piglets often need various nutrients during the growth process. Generally, the nutrients in the food fed to the piglets are often not comprehensive enough, which will easily affect the piglets. Normal growth. When producing pig feed, it often takes into account the various nutrients needed by the piglets during the growth process, so the nutrition in the feed ingredients is more comprehensive and more popular with piglets.

2. Pig feed pellet machine has a modulating conditioner (users can configure a single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer conditioner according to their needs), the feed is modulated by the modulator to make the surface of the pellet feed smoother , The palatability is better, which greatly promotes the animal's feed intake and makes the piglets grow faster. Greatly improve the efficiency of pig raising.

3. The ring die in the small pig feed pellet machine can be replaced as needed. The diameter of the ring die generally ranges from 0.5-18 mm. As the piglets continue to grow, the requirements for the size of the feed pellets will also change. In order to better meet the feeding needs of piglets in different periods, farmers and feed manufacturers can replace ring molds with different diameters, thereby effectively realizing the feature of one machine with multiple uses.


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