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What are the main raw materials of the feed pellet machine?


There are many kinds of raw materials that can be used as feed pellet machines . Generally, the pellet feed mechanism is used to cause the raw materials of the pellet feed to be crushed by the crusher equipment, and the large particles become small particles (powder feed does not need to be crushed by a crusher). Therefore, some common materials with comprehensive nutrients such as protein can be used as raw materials for feed pellets. The most common ones are straw, straw, soybean meal, corn kernels, etc., which can be used as feed materials.

During the granulation process, additives can be added appropriately to make the granules more comprehensive.
There is a certain gap in the preference of general animals for the types of feed materials. Therefore, before using the pellet feed, it is necessary to determine which animal the feed is mainly used to feed. For example, suspended fish and chickens have different feed requirements. same. Therefore, when choosing feed ingredients, you should choose according to the type of animal you are feeding.

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