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Precautions during the use of ring die


①It is recommended that the newly purchased ring die needs to be "washed" with oil before starting to remove the burrs in the die hole. If it is a ring die with a large die hole above φ2.5 purchased from a regular and specialized manufacturer, then There is no need to perform this step. For ring dies with a die hole below φ2.5, it is usually necessary to "wash the mold" with oil for a few to twenty minutes before normal production. As for those rings with poor die hole roughness, For the mold, it is necessary to mix 20%-50% fine sand in the oil for grinding before normal production and processing can begin.
② During the use of the ring die, try to avoid hard particles such as large sand, sand, iron blocks, bolts and iron filings mixed in the raw materials to avoid accelerating the wear of the ring die or causing excessive impact on the ring die. Cause the ring die to burst. If you encounter iron entering the die hole, you must punch it out or drill it out in time. If the machine still can’t pelletize normally, you can use an electric drill to first drill out the material that blocks the die hole, and then use oily material and fine sand to grind it. Installation and use.

③For the ring die that needs to be installed symmetrically on both sides, it can be installed and used in reverse after a certain period of production, which will help the ring die wear evenly.

④The ring die must not be tilted after installation, otherwise uneven wear will occur. The bolts tightening the ring die must reach
the required tightening torque to avoid the bolts from being sheared or the ring die is damaged faster.

In short, only when farmers fully understand and understand the basic characteristics of the ring die, and make the correct selection, reasonable use and effective maintenance of the ring die, can they give full play to the advantages of the pellet machine and its ring die, thereby reducing costs. Improve granulation efficiency and granulation quality, and create more economic benefits for breeding enterprises.

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