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The future development direction of feed mill technology


The future development direction of feed mill technology:
    1. The production enterprise should study the best crushing particle size of various feeds for livestock, poultry and fish to facilitate the digestion and absorption of livestock and poultry, the processing method is practical and feasible, and the crushing cost is economical and reasonable.
    2. The new model keeps pace with the times, its structure function is optimized in real time, the hammer screen gap can be adjusted online, and some special material crushing machines can also be developed.
    3. By improving the structure of the pulverizer and reasonably configuring the pulverizing process system, the best operating effect with the least power consumption is achieved.
    4. Further reduce the consumption rate of hammers and screens per unit output time, extend their life, and weaken the impact of wearing parts on the crushing cost.
    5. Improve the working efficiency of the grinder system as much as possible, and at the same time conduct a comparative study on the matching and operating parameters of the grinder.
    6. Optimize the processing precision and assembly precision of the crusher structure, reduce or reduce the noise of the crusher.

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