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Precautions for cleaning the feed pellet machine


Precautions for cleaning and cleaning of feed pellet machine:
 Doing a good job of regular cleaning can effectively avoid problems such as material blockage and machine wear. The following focuses on the problems that should be paid attention to when cleaning and cleaning the feed pellet machine:
1. Cleaning and cleaning cycle. Is the machine cleared every time a feed variety is produced, or is it cleared at a prescribed time? Generally, feed processing companies clean every feed variety processed, but the feed pellet machine manufacturer recommends that it is best to fold the machine and clean it once a month, so that it can be carefully cleaned, so as to appropriately extend the service life of the feed pellet machine.
2. What cleaning materials to choose. If it is processing compound material, corn should be the best cleaning material, not only can make the equipment cleaner, but also can be returned to the corresponding feed according to the actual processing situation, and the second cycle; if it is processing concentrated material, the cleaning material is selected Doubai is the best; it is not recommended to use bran raw materials for equipment cleaning, because the cleaning is not clean, if you must use it, it is recommended to choose a finer bran, add some fat to the bran properly, and return it after cleaning. It can be added to it for recycling, or it is directly mixed with bran raw materials and coarse stone powder in a ratio of 2:1.
3. Processing the raw materials for cleaning. The cleaned raw materials are best mixed into finished feed products containing the same ingredients or added to a certain type of product in batches.



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