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How to use and maintain the small feed pellet machine correctly?


 We all know that feed processing machinery is indispensable for modern small farms. In the daily use process, only the operators are proficient in the repair and maintenance of this small feed pellet machine, they can make the pellet machine in the best working condition, increase the production of pellet feed per unit time, and obtain larger production. Profit, so you need to pay attention to simple daily maintenance and repair:
    1. The installed small feed pellet machine should be trial run before normal operation, and can only be put into operation after the trial run is completely normal. In addition, before each operation of the small pellet machine, the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the various components can work normally without damage, and the belt tension is moderate. After the inspection is fully qualified, the machine will start to work.
    2. If there is a failure in the production process, the operator should immediately stop the machine for inspection, find out the cause of the failure, and then start the work after the failure is completely eliminated. The common failures of the small feed pellet machine in the working process are: Sudden shutdown, abnormal noise inside the machine, etc.
    3. At ordinary times, the operator should conduct regular maintenance on the various parts of the granulator to ensure that the ring die, pressure roller, etc. are in the best working condition. If the ring die or press roller is severely worn, it should be replaced with a new ring die or press roller. Regularly add lubricant to the inside of the pellet machine bearing to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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