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Which fish feed pelletizer has a long service life?


The price of fish feed pelletizers is higher in feed machinery and equipment. A fish feed pellet pelletizer with a longer service life can reduce the input of feed processing. Which one has a longer service life?
The performance characteristics of the ring die:
1. All stainless steel material feeder, imported frequency conversion speed control;
2. Stainless steel conditioner, fast
quenching and tempering ; 3. High-precision drive gear and gear shaft carburizing and quenching , Hard tooth surface grinding gear processing, stable operation, low noise and long life;
4. The ring mold and the transmission wheel are connected by three-piece quick-release precision casting hoop, which is convenient and quick to disassemble the ring mold;
5. Ring mold fish feed pelleting The door cover and chute in the machine are also made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and has a long service life;

Performance characteristics:
1. The fish pellet feed extruder is suitable for aquatic animals such as fish, shrimp, frogs, etc. It can also process poultry feed such as pigs and ducks.
2. The extruded feed produced by this fish feed pellet mill has the characteristics of high protein and complete nutrients, which can float on the water for a long time and reduce the waste of feed.
3. The inner screw and the shell of the granulating chamber are made of special wear-resistant, high-temperature and high-humidity materials, which are first tempered and then heated and extruded to form, with the advantages of wear resistance and long life.

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