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What is the function of the conditioner of the pig feed pelletizer


Pig feed pelletizers are generally used for the production of domestic pig feed . The top of the feed pelleting equipment is equipped with a modulator. Here is a brief introduction to what are the main functions of the feed pellet machine's conditioner?
Feed preparation is to add steam and add fat or honey before the feed is pressed into the pellets, so that the feed, steam and feed liquid nutrients are fully stirred and mixed, and the wet heat treatment is performed to finally make the pellets achieve the following effects :
1. The damp and heat effect of the conditioner makes the starch in the feed fully gelatinized, which is more conducive to improving the quality of feed products and promoting better digestion of animal pigs.
2. After the material is modulated by the conditioner, the feed has better fluidity and stronger viscosity, which is conducive to the formation of feed pellets, effectively improves the density and water resistance of the pellets, and reduces the powdering rate.
3. The conditioner can play the role of softening the feed particles, can play the role of lubrication, reduce the heat generated by friction and the wear between the mold rolls, save energy consumption, increase the speed of feed through the pressure roll, so as to improve Good to extend the life of the machine.

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