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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of silage pelletizer


    The advantage of the silage pelletizer over the ordinary is that it has a wider range of raw materials.
    In addition to grains, the raw materials of pellet feed include corn stover, bean straw, wheat straw, sweet potato seedling, rice straw, flower seedling (husk), alfalfa grass, rape straw, etc. After these feed materials are matured at high temperature, they have good palatability, high digestion and absorption rate, milk production of dairy cows increased by more than 10%, and beef cattle's weight gain increased by more than 15%. It is deeply loved by cattle and sheep farmers.
    Machine features:
    1. Low energy consumption, high output and easy operation.
    2. The silage pelleting machine can process various powdered materials into granules with high hardness and different specifications between 2-12mm in diameter. The size of the granules is adjustable.
    3. Dry in and dry out, no need for granule drying.
    4. The silage granulator adopts the new technology of extrusion granulation, polishing and shaping, the surface of the granules is smooth, and the granulation efficiency is high.

    Common faults of silage: 
    1. The first time the flat mold is used, the hole is rough and the finish is poor, which makes it difficult to form pellets.
    2. The gap between the pressure roller and the flat die is too large.
    3. The pressure roller and the flat die are severely ground.
    4. The V-belt is slipping or aging.

    Elimination method
    1. Grind and lubricate the die hole with oily materials, and it will recover within a period of time. 
    2. Adjust the compression bolt.
    3. Check and replace the flat mold or pressure roller in time.
    4. Tighten or replace the triangle belt.

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