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What is the drying effect of pellet dryer?


The pellet feed processed by the ring die feed pelletizer has a large water content. In order to facilitate transportation and storage, pellet feed dryers must be equipped in the feed processing unit .
In the complete set, the commonly used pellet dryer is a counterflow cooler.
During the drying process of feed pellets, a part of the powder will fall off. The tumble dryer will easily aggravate the falling of the powder, affect the pelleting efficiency and increase the pelleting cost. Therefore, the tumble dryer is not suitable for feed pellets.
The counter-flow cooler adopts the principle of two-way air counter-flow, makes full use of hot air, drying and dehydrating quickly, and running efficiently, avoiding some problems in the drying process of pellet feed.
(1) The vibration and impact of the material on the pellet dryer is very slight, and it will not be easily pulverized and broken. It can be used to dry certain materials that require a high degree of pellet integrity.
(2) The feed pellet dryer is not only for drying materials, but also reduces the temperature of pellets to ensure that the moisture and temperature of pellets are suitable for packaging and transportation.
(3) The feed pellet dryer is simple in structure, easy to install, and has a long practical life. In the event of a failure, it can be accessed inside the box for maintenance. The cooling room box is designed with an observation window to facilitate the observation of the internal operation of the equipment.

 The processed pellet feed has a water content of 10%-15%, and the temperature is 3-5 degrees higher than the indoor temperature, so it can directly enter the crushing and assurance process.


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