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How is the effect of the straw pellet feed machine?


The straw pellet feed machine is the best equipment for producing straw pellet feed.
Straw pellet feed mainly refers to fiber feed made by crushing straws such as sweet sorghum, corn, reed, cotton, etc., and is the main feed for ruminants.
We can see its granulation effect from the pelleting process of the straw pellet feed machine:
 generally, corn stalks are dried and crushed, mixed with specific additives, and then squeezed by a flat die and a pressing wheel in the pellet feed machine. It is pressed into pellets with a certain diameter. After extrusion, the pellets will be cut into finished pellets with a certain size by the cutting knife.
During the entire processing process, due to the friction and heating of the flat mold and the pressure roller, the straw material is matured deeply inside, and the processed finished feed particles have a smooth surface, large hardness and uniform size. This is very suitable for ruminants to eat, and can provide sufficient nutrition for ruminants in the shortest time, increase food intake, and increase breeding income.
In short, the pelleting effect of straw is very ideal, suitable for small ruminant farms.

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