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What is the difference in the pelleting effect of aquatic pellet feed machine?


The reason why aquatic pellet feed machine can become a professional aquatic pellet feed processing machine is because of its unique pelleting effect.
Aquatic pellet feed machine can also be called, compared with ordinary, its pelleting effect is the biggest difference in pellet expansion.
We can analyze according to the eating habits of aquatic animals. If the pellet feed has a high density, it will sink to the bottom after being put into the water. This has two disadvantages:
1. If the pellet feed sinks to the bottom is not eaten by fish or shrimp, etc. Will cause pollution to the environment.
2. The feed sinks directly to the bottom, it is difficult to observe the actual consumption of fish and shrimp and other animals, and it is impossible to judge the feeding effect.
The extruded pellet feed machine can well expand the feed pellets so that they can float on the water surface when they are put into the water, which is not only convenient for aquatic animals to eat, but also allows farmers to observe the feeding. Happening.


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