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Detailed analysis of the working principle of pellet feed cooler


There are three commonly used pellet feed coolers, tower-type vertical coolers and horizontal coolers. What we want to analyze today is the working principle of counter-flow coolers.
First, the pellet feed pressed from the ring die enters from the inlet of the sheltered feeder on the top of the cooler. After the pellet feed is diverted through the diamond-shaped disperser, the pellet feed flows from the front and back of the top of the silo. , Left, right, and center divide into five ways to flow into the silo.
The pellet feed in the silo gradually accumulates. When it comes into contact with the upper leveler, the motor is turned on and starts to work. The motor drives the discharging frame to reciprocate left and right through the reducer and the eccentric mechanism. When the sashes overlap, the pellets are discharged from the cooling box and enter the collecting hopper. When the sashes of the two frames are staggered, no discharge is made. When the discharge volume is greater than the feed volume, the highest surface of the feed in the cooler is lowered to the lower level device, and the discharge motor stops working. When the highest surface of the feed rises to the upper level device, start working again. During the whole process, the fan is always running.
Since the material flows from top to bottom, and the air flow is from bottom to top, which is opposite to the direction of material flow, this pellet feed cooler is called a countercurrent cooler.
Because the temperature and moisture of the pellets in the silo are very high, when the material stays in the cooler, the natural air passes through the material layer in the silo from the bottom through the suction of the fan when the material stays in the cooler. Take away the moisture and heat in the material, this process realizes the drying and cooling of the pellet feed by the pellet feed cooler.

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