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Economic benefits brought by the straw compressed feed machine


The straw compressed feed machine can process straw into pellet feed, which is more suitable for herbivores and therefore has higher economic benefits.
The processing of straw requires a pulverizer to crush the dried straw and then transport it to the host through a conveyor. At the same time, other raw materials such as corn flour and bran can be added appropriately to supplement the nutrients, so that the feed can feed the pigs. , Cattle, ducks, chickens, sheep and other kinds of livestock, to improve the market coverage of straw compressed feed.
Straw , including a base, granulation chamber, feed inlet and other components. The main pressure cylinder and the granulating chamber are fixed on the base, the feeding bin is fixed on the granulating chamber, the feeding bin is connected to the feed inlet, the main pressure cylinder is connected to the back of the main compression chamber, and the piston rod of the main pressure cylinder is connected to the pressure plate .
The produced straw compressed feed machine has a simple new structure, the production efficiency is 10-15 times higher than that of the existing equipment, the output is high, the compressed feed density is high, energy saving, and production cost is low.

Therefore, the use of a straw compression feed machine to produce straw feed can produce higher quality pellet feed at a lower production cost, and it is a cost-effective pelleting equipment.

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