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What is the main point of choosing a horizontal feed mixer?


The horizontal feed mixer has a large output and high mixing uniformity, but the price is high, so you should pay more attention to selection when buying.
What are the main considerations when choosing a horizontal feed mixer?

1. The first thing to look at is the motor. The quality of the motor determines the power of this horizontal feed mixer, just like a person's physical fitness and heart.
Nowadays, there are two kinds of motors commonly used: domestic motors and Siemens motors. Imported Siemens motors are better.

2. The second thing depends on the design and material of the mixing part.
Different horizontal feed mixers have different design principles and different performance and output. For example, the SSHJ series has a relatively large output and is generally the first choice for large feed processing manufacturers.
In terms of material, it is mainly necessary to pay attention to the material when purchasing equipment when processing the additive premix. Be sure to choose a stainless steel feed mixer, the most typical one is the drum type.

3. Look at the manufacturer,
look at the manufacturer’s qualifications and customer cases, look for the user’s evaluation of this manufacturer, and then look at the after-sales service and supply capabilities provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes looking for a reliable manufacturer is better than looking for a high-quality horizontal feed The mixer is more important!

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