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What does the maintenance of feed machinery include


With the development of China's aquaculture industry, the feed machinery industry has been continuously promoted and expanded in the market. The two are also a continuous promotion and development link. We should know that the so-called feed machinery mainly contains two power sources, one of which is electricity, and the other is engine oil. They cooperate with each other to make the machinery run stably and reliably.

It is precisely because they are the key to maintaining the normal and reliable operation of feed machinery, so if there is a problem that the machinery does not produce oil during the production process, it will cause problems and require timely maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of the equipment mainly includes the following aspects:

1. We think it may be because there are still some remaining materials inside the equipment that have not been cleaned up, especially in the center of the gap between the main shaft and the rotor of the feed machinery, so we should check it carefully and clean up in time to ensure that there is nothing inside the equipment. Residual materials.

2. It may be because there are some parts inside the equipment that need to be cleaned. Therefore, we disassemble the filter screen of the oil filter in the feed machinery, and then clean it to avoid the presence of debris that affects the filtering effect of the mesh.

3. A problem we should also consider may be the presence of impurities in the oil holes, which will also cause some problems with the equipment. Therefore, we need to disassemble the grease block of the feed machinery, which can facilitate our cleaning, clean all kinds of impurities stuffed into the oil hole, and ensure its cleanliness.

4. In order to ensure the outstanding operation of the equipment as much as possible, we need to conduct a more comprehensive inspection. In addition to the above, we should check whether the refueling part of the feed machinery is normal. If there is an oil leakage problem, it needs to be dealt with in time, otherwise it may cause greater loss.


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