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How to install crushing equipment


The shredder, no matter what kind of product on the website, is inseparable from the large scale of shredder equipment, so the editor thinks that we are understanding all kinds of shredders, that is, together with the products of the website. To understand the whole of the crushing equipment, this can help us to learn about the product, and together we can add some common sense in this area, so it is beneficial to us, and we should proceed carefully.

Crushing equipment generally includes two types of mechanical equipment, which are crushing machinery and grinding machinery. The grinding machinery can also be called crushing machinery. The effect is to destroy solid materials and turn them into fine powder or powdery materials, so its application is very wide.

1. Preparation before installation of crushing machinery

(1) The process should be confirmed according to the application occasion and some drawings, etc., and it should be suitable.

(2) There should be sufficient space around the crushing equipment so that feeding and maintenance operations can be carried out.

(3) The foundation of the equipment should be strong, and it must have sufficient strength, so that the main engine and electric motor can be installed smoothly.


2. Installation of crushing equipment

(1) General pulverizing equipment does not need to perform a balance experiment when it is installed, because its products have been carried out before they leave the factory.

(2) Make necessary inspections before equipment installation, and deal with any problems in time.

(3) Check the wiring of the equipment and check whether the rolling direction of the motor is correct.

(4) Perform installation according to requirements, etc. After installation, manually turn the rotor to check whether the rolling is sensitive.

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