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How to reduce the loss of feed machinery


In the process of using feed machinery to produce various feed products, the energy consumption control and analysis of the production equipment will directly affect the cost control of the production process. The so-called cost control in the process of feed processing must be based on the economic selection of appropriate process parameters and reasonable confirmation of technical economic indicators, and strengthened management to achieve the intention of reducing energy consumption.

In this process, now it is mainly aimed at two aspects to achieve this effect. In other words, in the production process of feed machinery, not only should attention be paid to repair and management, but also technical management must be strengthened to further improve product quality and output value, and then achieve the intention of reducing energy consumption. In fact, strengthening the management in this area will also help reduce losses.

First of all, in terms of operation and management, it means that during the operation of the feed machinery, the staff need to economically select and reasonably confirm the destruction flow, the destruction of the particle size and the size of the sieve, the feeding sequence, and the air volume suitable for the mixing time and other process parameters and technical economic indicators , And then ensure that the operation and handling standards are rationalized. In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the measurement records of incoming and outgoing materials and products to ensure accuracy.

In terms of skill management, on the one hand, it is required to further improve the skill level of operators, control and reduce material loss as much as possible, reduce dust loss, improve the output rate of feed machinery, and achieve high output and low cost. On the other hand, we will try our best to improve the technological level, perfect the skills and functions, and complete the active measurement of incoming materials and outgoing products.

In addition, in the production process of feed machinery, it is also necessary to ensure the quality of raw materials, and to do a good job of sealing maintenance, to eliminate the phenomenon of dripping and leakage, and to effectively control and reduce the loss of materials.

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