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Purpose of crushing equipment


The application of crushing machinery can achieve the following main purposes:

①Reducing the particle size of materials to a certain size, such as grinding flour, crushing feed, grinding raw and clinker of pigments, dyes and cement, grinding and preparing slurry for suspension, And to increase the fluidity and filling of the materials and facilitate packaging, storage, transportation, etc.;

② After crushing the materials, sieving into small pieces, fine particles or powders of different particle sizes, such as preparing blocks and crushed stones for concrete and road construction projects. Stone and artificial sand, the raw coal is crushed into medium pieces, small pieces and coal powder according to user needs;

③Increase the surface area of ​​the material to improve the effect of its physical action or the speed of chemical reaction, such as grinding the material to be artificially dried to speed it up Its drying speed, grinding the catalyst and adsorbent to strengthen the catalyst efficiency and adsorption respectively, and grind the coal into pulverized coal to improve the combustion speed and the completeness of the combustion, etc.;

④The different components in the material are smashed After the monomers are separated to further separate them from each other, for example, iron ore is crushed to obtain refined iron ore powder by magnetic separation or flotation, and lead-zinc ore is crushed to separate lead ore powder and zinc ore powder.

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