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What are the important accessories of the mixing equipment


1. The occlusion between rotating parts and tangential moving parts, such as power transmission belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets, racks and gears, etc.

2. The rotating shaft includes connectors, spindles, chucks, screws and rods.

3. Rotating bumps and holes. Containing bumps or empty rotating parts are very dangerous, such as fan blades, cams, flywheels, etc.

4. The bite of the opposite rotating parts, such as gears, mixing rollers, etc.

5. The occlusion of rotating parts and fixed parts, such as spoked handwheels or flywheels and machine bed, rotary mixers and unprotected opening shell mixing devices, etc.

6. Proximity types, such as the hammer body of a forging hammer, the ram of a power press, etc.

7. Passing type, such as the table and bed of the metal planer, the blade of the shearing machine, etc.

8. One-way sliding parts, such as the teeth on the edge of the band saw, the abrasive particles of the belt sander, the convex moving belt, etc.

9. Between the rotating part and the sliding, such as the mechanism on the surface of some lithographic printing presses, textile machine tools, etc.


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