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Classification introduction of crushing equipment


Crushing equipment is generally divided into four categories: mechanical crushers, jet crushers, grinders and low-temperature crushers:

1. Mechanical crushers are mainly mechanical, which crushes materials. It is divided into gears. Six types of milling mills, hammer mills, knife mills, turbo mills, pressure mill mills and milling mills:

(1) Tooth mills: a fixed gear ring and rotating gear A machine that operates relatively at high speed to crush materials (including impact, shear, collision, friction, etc.).

(2) Hammer crusher: A machine that crushes materials (including hammering, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of a high-speed rotating movable hammer and a fixed ring. The hammer mill is divided into a hammer mill with a piece of movable hammer and a block mill with a piece of movable hammer.

(3) Knife crusher: A machine that crushes materials (including shearing, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of a high-speed rotating blade (block, piece) and a fixed gear ring. Knife-type grinders are divided into:

a. Knife-type multi-stage grinder: the main shaft is horizontal, the blade is parallel to the main shaft and has a single-stage or multi-stage crushing function.
b. Inclined knife multi-stage pulverizer: a machine with horizontal spindle, inclined knife type and single-stage or multi-stage pulverization.
c. Combined vertical knife crusher: a horizontal spindle, multi-layer vertical knife combined crusher.
d. Vertical side-knife crusher: a crushing machine with a vertical spindle, a rotating side knife and a grading function.

(4) Turbine pulverizer: A machine that pulverizes materials (including shearing, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of the high-speed rotating turbine blades and the fixed ring gear.

(5) Pressure grinding mill: A machine that grinds and pulverizes materials by the relative movement of various grinding wheels and a fixed grinding surface.

(6) Milling grinder: a machine that grinds materials through the rotation of milling teeth.

2. The grinder is a machine that grinds the material through the movement of the grinding body, head, ball and other media to grind the material into an ultra-fine mixture. It is divided into:
(1) Ball mill: a machine that uses porcelain spheres or stainless steel spheres as grinding media.
(2) Mortar grinding: a machine that grinds materials by the relative movement of the vertical grinding head to the mortar. (3) Colloid mill.

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