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What are the classifications of feed equipment


Dry mortar is generally composed of bonding materials, aggregates and mortar additives, and the role of the mortar mixer is to process these original materials to produce dry mortar. According to the application requirements, the blending proportion of different dry powder mortars is also different. In practice, cement and gypsum are used as the basic materials and then processed, and water can be directly added on the construction site during the application.

The pulverizer should be fixed on the cement foundation for a long time operation. If the operating address is frequently changed, the grinder and the motor should be installed on the frame made of angle iron. If the grinder diesel is used as power, the power of the two should be matched, that is, the power of the diesel engine is slightly greater than the power of the grinder, and the two The pulley is grooved, and the outer end of the pulley is on the same plane. The manufacturer introduced the application method of the feed grinder, so that we can learn more about the feed machinery and strengthen the knowledge of the feed machinery.

The length of pellet feed is an important quality check target. For product feed, regular length can not only satisfy the demand for sale, but also meet the demand for breeding. In practical production, according to the needs of practical users and different types of feed, the length of pellet feed is required to be in a different range.

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