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Main parts of feed machinery


1. Base: Play the role of connecting and supporting the various parts of the crusher to form a whole. The crushed materials are discharged from under the base.
2. Rotor: It is composed of main shaft, hammer frame plate, pin shaft, hammer piece, bearing and other parts. It is the main moving part of the crusher. The rotor speed is high, and the dynamic balance test is carried out without installing the pin shaft and hammer.
3. Operating door: The operating door must be opened to replace the sieve plate or hammer. The operating door is locked by the door lock when the pulverizer is working, so that the operating door cannot be opened by itself when the rotor is rotating.
4. Upper casing: the upper part has a feed inlet, the lower part is connected with the base, and both sides are equipped with sieve plates, which form a crushing chamber with the rotor, and the materials are crushed in the crushing chamber.
5. Feeding guide mechanism: make the material enter the crushing chamber from the left or right. The reversing of the feeding guide plate is manually controlled to ensure that the feeding direction is consistent with the rotation of the rotor.
6. Screen press structure: It is connected by a hard locking device to ensure that the screen is fixed in the pulverizer. 7. Screen beam: The screen beam and the screen press mechanism together fix the screen in the crusher. The produced feed mill adopts a double-rotor structure, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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