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Multiple classification methods of crushing equipment


Crushing equipment is the general term for crushing machinery and grinding machinery. The two are generally different according to the size of the discharge particle size: the content of the particle size greater than 3 mm accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume is called a crushing machine; the content less than 3 mm accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume Those are called grinding machines. Sometimes the grinding machine is also called a pulverizing machine, which is the narrow meaning of a pulverizing equipment. A machine that uses mechanical force to crush solid materials and turn them into small pieces, fine powder or powder. The characteristics of using crushing machinery for crushing operations are high energy consumption, a large amount of wear-resistant materials and grinding media, severe dust and high noise.

The use of crushing machinery can achieve the following primary purposes: ①Reduce the particle size of materials to a certain size, such as grinding flour, crushing feed, grinding raw and clinker pigments, dyes and cement, and grinding slurry to prepare suspension. As well as the fluidity and filling of the added materials and the convenience of packaging, storage and transportation; ② After crushing the materials, they are sieved into small pieces, fine particles or powders of different particle sizes, such as the preparation of blocks and crushed stones for concrete and road construction projects. Stone and artificial sand, the raw coal is crushed into medium, small pieces and coal powder according to user needs; ③The surface area of ​​the material is added to improve the effect of its physical effect or the speed of chemical reaction, such as grinding the material to be artificially dried to accelerate Its drying speed, finely grind the catalyst and adsorbent to enhance the catalyst efficiency and adsorption effect separately, and grind the coal into pulverized coal to improve its incineration speed and the degree of incineration; After crushing, the monomers are separated to further separate them. For example, iron ore is crushed to obtain refined iron ore powder through magnetic separation or flotation, and lead-zinc ore is crushed to separate lead ore powder and zinc ore powder, etc. .

There are many ways to classify crushing equipment, either according to the structure, or according to the crushing method, or according to the movement speed, or according to the type of force, or according to the degree of refinement. The attached table of crushing machinery categories and primary features lists the crushing machinery categories and primary features. The crushing ratio and crushing system crushing ratio refer to the degree of change in the size of the material before and after crushing. For a crushing system composed of multiple crushing machines, it is equal to the ratio of the initial feed size to the finished discharge size, or the continuous product of the crushing ratio of each single crushing machine. When using crushing machinery to crush materials, the crushing ratio is generally called the crushing ratio. When the crushing ratio is required to be large, the crushing operation is often completed in a crushing system composed of several crushing machines. In this system, the material passes through various crushing machines, and its particle size gradually decreases to reach the required particle size. In this kind of crushing system, appropriate crushing machinery and crushing ratio should be selected for each stage, and the production capacity of each stage should be adhered to. At the same time, in order to reduce excessive crushing to improve crushing efficiency and reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to screen or classify after each crushing operation. According to the degree of subdivision, the crushing equipment can be divided into rubber and plastic crushing equipment, turbine crushing equipment, jet crushing equipment, screenless vertical crushing equipment, ultrafine classifier crushing equipment and other special supporting machinery, crushing equipment, etc. .

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