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What are the categories of crushing equipment


The learning on the crushing device will continue below, but let’s ask the question first, that is:

Question: What are the major categories of crushing equipment? In each category, which can be divided in detail?

The question is raised above, and then, the editor will make a good answer to it, so that everyone can learn thoroughly, and then be able to grasp and use it flexibly.

Crushing equipment, in general, can be divided into four categories: mechanical crushers, jet crushers, grinders and cryogenic crushers.

Mechanical crusher: It is crushed by mechanical method, which can be divided into gear crusher, hammer crusher, knife crusher, turbine crusher, pressure mill crusher and milling crusher. Six kinds.

Grinding machine: It is pulverized by grinding, and can be divided into three types: ball mill, mortar grinder and colloid mill.

The jet mill and low-temperature mill are now very detailed, so they are no longer classified.


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