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What are the types and advantages of mixing equipment


Use water pump impeller to mix 1. Simple equipment, no special mixing structure is required 2. No rated energy required, saving operating costs 3. Use of corrosive agents such as ferric chloride will corrode the pump impeller 4. Need when there are more water pumps and suction pipes Adding dosing equipment 5. When dosing in the suction pipe, the coagulant concentration should be slightly higher, otherwise it will be diluted and hydrolyzed in the water-sealed box to reduce the coagulation effect. 1. Suitable for water plants with various water volumes 2. Flocculation between dosing points The pool is close (generally within 100m), otherwise the formed flocs may be deposited in the pipeline or broken before entering the flocculation tank. 3. A water-sealed box should be installed to prevent air from entering the suction pipe of the pump

Use pressure water pipes to mix 1. No need to add equipment 2. The mixing effect is often not ensured, especially when the flow in the pipe changes greatly 3. Dosing needs to be inserted into the 1/3-1/4 pipe diameter of the pressure water pipe 4. Pressure When adding medicine to the water pipe, the coagulant solution must be filtered with a filter to prevent blocking the water ejector and rotameter 1. Suitable for pipelines with little change in flow and water plants with various water volumes 2. Dosing port to The end interval of the pressure pipeline should not be less than 50 times the diameter of the inlet pipe

Static mixer 1. Low investment, simple repair work on the pipeline installation 2. Quick mixing, outstanding effect 3. Certain head loss occurs. In order to reduce energy consumption, the flow rate in the pipe is generally about 1m/5. 1. It is suitable for water treatment projects with small changes in flow. 2. 1-4 shunt units are used in the mixer.

Dispersing mixer 1. In the case of the mixer structure, an orifice plate is added after the conical cap, and the pipeline flow rate is about 1.0m/s. The projected area of ​​the conical cap is 1/4 of the area of ​​the inlet pipe; the aperture area of ​​the orifice plate is 3/4 of the area of ​​the inlet pipe; the mixer time is 2-3s 2. The length of the mixer is above 0.5m, and the flange is installed in the raw water pipe The head loss of the upper dispersing mixer is 0.3-.04m1. It is mostly used for inlet pipes with a diameter of 300-400mm. 2. The orientation of the device should be lower than the water surface of the flocculation tank. 3. Suitable for medium and small water plants

Water drop mixer 1. Add the medicine to the falling water flow, mixing is fast, and the equipment is simple. 2. A certain head loss occurs. 3. A vibrating sleeve is installed on the mixer outlet pipe, and the concavity and convexity of the sleeve adjusts the mixing effect. 1. Applicable In medium and small water plants 2. The water level distance between the surface of the movable casing is maintained at 0.3-0.4m, and the maximum is not more than 1.0m

Porous clapboard mixing tank 1. Good mixing effect 2. Large head loss 3. When the flow rate changes, the mixing effect is affected (the number of swallowing holes can be adjusted to change the flow rate) 1. Suitable for areas with high groundwater level 2 .Suitable for medium and small water plants

Diverting clapboard mixing tank 1. Good mixing effect 2. Large head loss 3. Larger land occupation 1. Suitable for areas with high groundwater level 2. Suitable for large and medium-sized water plants

Pulp-plate type mechanical mixing tank 1. Good mixing effect, less head loss 2. It consumes electric energy, and the handling and protection of mechanical equipment is more messy. It is suitable for large, medium and small water plants.

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