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What are the functions of the conditioner in the pellet feed machine


What are the functions of the conditioner in the pellet feed machine:
1. Maturation
The main function of the conditioner is to mature the powdery materials. Generally speaking, the starch content in animal powder materials is relatively high, and most of them say that the digestibility of starch by animals is very low. In order to solve this problem, a conditioner is installed inside. During normal work, the debugger uses water and heat to gelatinize the starch, which is convenient for the digestion and absorption of animals. Not only that, this high-temperature and high-pressure environment can also deform protein into substances that are beneficial to animal digestion, improve the digestion and utilization of feed by animals, and reduce feeding costs.

2. Easy to granulate
The high temperature and high pressure provided by the conditioner can moisturize the original dry powdery material, which can increase the lubricity of the material, reduce the wear of the die and pressure roller in the granulation chamber during the granulation, and can appropriately extend the granulation The service life of the component. At the same time, the softened powder material has enhanced flexibility, which is convenient for later granulation and improves the granulation output of the granulator.

3. Sterilization
For the powdery materials that have just entered, the conditioner also has the function of sterilization. When the conditioner uses high temperature to ripen the starch in the material, it can kill the harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella in the raw material.

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