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Prohibited operation of pellet feed machine


With the development of modern breeding industry and feed industry, the proportion of pellet feed in the entire feed industry has increased. At present, pellet feed is widely used in large and small farms. People who have been in contact with feed processing plants should understand that the processing technology of feed pellets is a very complicated and cumbersome process, and operators should pay special attention to them during the production and processing process. Next, I will introduce some prohibited operations at work.
1. It is strictly forbidden to start the pellet feed machine when there are materials loaded in it. Before starting the machine, all the materials in the machine should be cleaned up before starting the machine.
2. During the operation of the machine, the operator shall not open the die cover and side cover of the pellet machine without authorization.
3. It is strictly forbidden to inspect and repair any part of the machine without turning off the switch.
4. If jamming occurs when the pellet feed machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to clean the jam with hands or iron rods. Instead, shut down and turn off the power to clean up the clogged debris.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use other current exceeding the rated current of the pellet feed machine to start the work.
The operation of the above steps is strictly prohibited when using the pellet feed machine. Only in this way can safety production be ensured and profits can be brought to enterprises and individuals.

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