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The working principle and installation requirements of permanent magnet cylinder


working principle:
Mainly used to remove metal impurities in materials. It is mainly composed of two parts: an inner tube and an outer tube. The outer cylinder is connected to the conveying hall through upper and lower flanges. The inner cylinder (magnet) is fixed on the outer cylinder door with steel plate. The raw material mixed with magnetic impurities forms a relatively uniform ring-shaped material layer around the permanent magnet at the entrance. The magnetic metal impurities are attracted to the surrounding surface of the permanent magnet cylinder due to the magnetic field magnetization and the magnetic metal impurities are adsorbed on the surrounding surface of the permanent magnet cylinder. By going down and out of the machine through the outlet at the lower end, the purpose of removing magnetic impurities is achieved. When cleaning impurities, open the cylinder door, the permanent magnet will be turned out of the cylinder, and the adsorbed material on the surface of the magnet can be cleaned manually.
   Installation requirements:
1. The permanent magnet cylinder should generally be installed afterwards to prevent large debris from entering the cylinder and causing blockage.
2. The permanent magnet cylinder should be installed in the vertical pipeline, and the length of the vertical pipe section above the permanent magnet cylinder should not be less than 500 mm to prevent the material from deviating and affecting the impurity removal effect.
3. In view of the impact of the material on the magnet and the efficiency of iron removal, reminder: If the impact of the force from the pipeline on the equipment is too large, a buffer device should be installed above the permanent magnet.

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