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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of pellet feed compressor


The pellet feed compressor is a mechanical equipment for pressing pellet feed, which is widely used in feed processing and production. In order to make it better used in the process of feed processing and production, the operator should master the general troubleshooting of the compressor while proficient in operating the machinery for pellet feed production. The following will introduce some mechanical failures frequently encountered during operation and their simple repair methods.

1. The low output of pellet feed compressor is a common phenomenon in pellet feed production process. The reason for this situation may be that the amount of steam in the pelletizer is too large, which makes the material used for pelleting excessively wet and sticks to the pelletizing die hole, which affects the normal pelletizing of the machine; it may also be feed compression As the use time of the machine is extended, the internal pressure die and die roller wear a lot, making the gap between them larger, which is not enough to compress the material into particles. When these two situations occur, the operator should take corresponding measures to make the mechanical granulation normal. For the former, the operator should restore the blocked die holes to reduce the amount of steam inflow; for the latter, the operator should adjust the compression bolts so that the machine can normally compress the feed pellets.

2. Sometimes the pellet feed produced by the feed compression mechanism may contain more powdery materials. The most likely reason for this is that the water content of the material is too low, and it is not easy to form during compression and granulation; in addition, the amount of steam introduced into it is too small, and the preparation time is not sufficient. This situation may also occur. In the face of these situations, the operator should find out what causes the uneven grain output. For the former, the water content of the material can be increased appropriately, such as adding some oil and honey to the material; for the latter, it should be increased appropriately. The aeration rate of steam prolongs the quenching and tempering time of the material.

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