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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the process of grinding before batching?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the first crushing and then batching process? cid=12


1. The crushed materials are loaded into the batching bin (multiple, large volume), even if the crusher can work for a long time at the maximum output, it also plays a buffering role in the production process. Affect the normal production of feed and give full play to the potential of all equipment; 

2. Due to the crushing of a single variety of materials, the working load of the crusher is fully loaded and stable, so that it is in good working condition and obtains the best crushing efficiency; 

3. For some large-scale compound feed factories, the crushing section can be equipped with different types of crushers to adapt to the crushing of different raw materials, give full play to the performance of various equipment, reduce energy consumption, and improve product quality and economic benefits; 

4. Convenient operation and management of the crusher. A single type of material is crushed, has good fluidity, is not easy to build up, and it is easy to stably control the feeding amount within a certain range. The management work is also relatively simple.


1. Since the crushed single material needs to be stored in a separate batching warehouse, the number of batching warehouses increases, which increases the investment in plant construction and future maintenance costs; 

2. When changing the formula, especially when the variety of raw materials increases, it is limited by the number of ingredient bins; 

3. Since the crushed powder is stored in the batching bin, the possibility of material arching in the bin is increased, which will increase the trouble of batching bin management.

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