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What about the breeding industry in high risk areas?


Recently, the epidemic situation in Hebei has rebounded, and many villages have been included in the medium and high risk areas. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs at all levels acted quickly to guide and help farmers in the medium and high risk areas to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the production and sales of livestock and poultry breeding.



Fully enclosed and dedicated personnel, continuous production of livestock and poultry

Implement closed breeding and management of livestock and poultry. Under the premise of strict prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, personnel who have a negative nucleic acid test are arranged to be responsible for livestock and poultry breeding and animal epidemic prevention, and other personnel are not allowed to enter or leave the production area or pen.

The agricultural and rural departments specially organize personnel to find out the basic number of breeding in key villages, form special work teams, and implement personnel double contract farms and households. Through thorough investigations, the staff has implemented closed management of humans and livestock for livestock and poultry farmers in key epidemic villages.

After all the people were isolated and evacuated, the agricultural and rural departments specially arranged for grassroots animal health supervisors to enter the village to feed and raise the livestock and poultry of the farms. Provide guarantee for the normal progress of livestock and poultry breeding in medium and high risk areas.





The supply can be adjusted and the production and sales order is guaranteed

Secondly, how to sell livestock products? Hebei Province not only included livestock and poultry, meat, egg, and milk products in the scope of daily necessities during the epidemic prevention and control period, but also rationally arranged the time for live pigs to be slaughtered, put beef, mutton, poultry, etc. in an orderly manner, and increased meat supply. It also urgently established 122 meat products. The emergency supply base for eggs and eggs, and in close coordination with the commercial departments, strengthen market monitoring and production and sales linkages to ensure that livestock products can be adjusted and supplied, and strive to maintain the order of production and sales.





Full disinfection and strong supervision, no slack in epidemic prevention and control

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs quickly established a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group and an animal disease prevention and control work class, printed and issued work plans and documents, and focused on scheduling the prevention and control of animal diseases in medium and high risk areas. Breeding personnel and livestock and poultry implement "double enclosures, complete disinfection, prevention of rodent damage, and frequent inspections" to strictly prevent the superposition of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the "two epidemics" of animal diseases.


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