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Problems and solutions of scraper conveying equipment in use



1. Under-full load operation

One of the problems encountered in the use of the scraper conveyor is the sub-full load operation. Its conveying capacity is determined by the cross-sectional area of ​​the material being conveyed and the speed of the chain. Generally speaking, if a conveyor has a throughput problem, it is nothing more than these two factors. To solve this problem, we must first accurately measure the conveying capacity of the conveyor. If the scraper conveyor fails to reach the rated capacity, the reasons can be found from the following aspects, so as to find a solution to the problem:

1) Check the speed of the scraper conveyor

Check whether the conveyor is running at the drive shaft speed. During installation and maintenance, the chute on the drive unit may be installed incorrectly, or the chain and sprocket pitches on the drive unit are inconsistent, causing the conveyor to run at a speed lower than the rated speed.                                              

2) Check the thickness of the material in the scraper conveyor 

There are several reasons for the unreasonable material thickness: First, the inclination angle of the conveyor installation is unreasonable, and the usually designed conveyor can only operate within a certain slope range to be the best. Another reason is that the conveyor feed is not smooth or insufficient, such as mismatched feed equipment, abnormal feed gate, and obstacles at the feed port. Take corresponding measures for different reasons to increase the thickness of the material and the uniformity of the feeding. 

Second, prevent material accumulation

For scraper conveyors with intermediate discharge, material accumulation is another major problem in use. The scraper conveyor can be designed with multiple intermediate discharge points, but multiple intermediate discharge points greatly increase the possibility of material accumulation, which will eventually block the head of the conveyor and cause cross-contamination. Here are a few measures to deal with the accumulation of materials:

① Try to increase the length of the middle discharge port, so that the material has enough time to discharge before reaching the end of the discharge port. The length of the discharge port varies with the thickness of the material and the speed of the chain. Generally speaking, a longer discharge port is better. The length of most typical discharge openings (grain conveying) should be above 60cm. In addition, the transition part under the discharge door should not hinder the passage of materials.

 ② If the speed of the chain is increased in order to increase the conveying capacity of the scraper conveyor, the discharge port should be lengthened.

③ Scraper conveyors with intermediate discharge ports should generally be equipped with some return hoppers on the chain. A small amount of grain or feed cannot be unloaded at the middle port, but is conveyed to the head of the conveyor. If the door of the head is closed, the material will eventually pile up at the head. The return hopper scrapes the unreceived material and brings it to the tail of the conveyor, and then it is conveyed to the discharge port.

The scraper conveyor is a general-purpose equipment in a large feed factory. Careful maintenance and use of it can greatly reduce failures, thereby improving the continuity of the feed factory's production, thereby increasing the production efficiency of the entire processing process.



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