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Corn prices break records again! Attention should be paid to the replacement of feed factory


Domestic corn is ushering in a new era. Shandong corn officially exceeds 1.5 yuan per catty, and the latest price is 1.515 yuan per catty, which represents the first time that the current price of Chinese corn has exceeded RMB 1.5!

While the price of corn in Shandong has been surging all the way, leading the country, setting a record high, the spot price of corn in the Northeast is also going up. The latest high spot price is equivalent to 1.34 yuan per catty, which is already a new record in the Northeast. Record.


Tang Ke, director of the Department of Market and Information Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at a press conference: There are three main factors driving the continuous increase in corn prices this year:

First, the production capacity of live pigs has continued to recover, the downstream corn feed processing demand is improving, and the corn consumption has increased significantly;

Second, there was a gap in the production and demand of corn that year, the market's bullish expectations increased, capital speculation and traders' hoarding of grain intensified;

Third, the corn lodging in some parts of the northeast due to the typhoon increased the harvest cost by nearly 20 cents per catty.

Affected by the epidemic at this stage, there is a shortage of feed ingredients in some places. You can choose to use miscellaneous meal to replace soybean meal, and wheat to replace corn temporarily to solve the urgent problem. At the same time, attention should be paid to the problems of anti-nutritional factors, mycotoxins and palatability that often exist in miscellaneous meal and wheat raw materials, as well as the refueling caused by frequent changes in formula Stress.




Wheat has higher nutritional indicators than corn and is rich in resources, making it the best substitute for corn. Reasonable use of wheat instead of corn in feed can bring certain economic benefits. For example, the protein content of general durum wheat (mainly spring wheat) is more than 13%, which is much higher than that of corn. This is conducive to reducing the use of protein materials such as soybean meal and reducing feed cost.

In addition: the replacement of corn with wheat requires attention:

Wheat seeds contain more non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), which have anti-nutritional effects, which seriously affect the digestion and utilization of nutrients contained in wheat. On the other hand, there are many types of wheat, and different types of wheat have relatively large differences in energy, which brings certain difficulties to practical applications.

In this case, the use of enzyme preparations can effectively reduce the fluctuation of wheat energy value, reduce the difference in raw material quality, and stabilize feed quality and animal production performance.

 For large feed mills, it is necessary to redesign the formula with the help of formula design software according to the nutritional value of wheat and corn to ensure that the nutrient content of the formula remains unchanged. When wheat replaces corn (over 20%), in addition to energy, crude protein, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and other conventional nutrients that need to meet the standards, linoleic acid, biotin, and lutein also need to be considered.


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