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Quality protection measures of feed raw materials


1. Control the moisture content of incoming raw materials

Moisture is an important indicator for the safe storage of feed ingredients. High moisture content can easily cause mold and insect pollution, produce a large amount of mycotoxins, deteriorate feed quality, and cause livestock and poultry diseases. Under normal circumstances, when the moisture is lower than 10% to 13%, the production of most microorganisms and insects can be inhibited.

Many raw materials cannot be dried due to economic reasons. Therefore, the moisture content of the incoming raw materials must be strictly controlled, or the use of anti-mold agents to control the growth of mold is also an effective measure. Antifungal agents cannot remove the existing mycotoxins in the raw materials, so mold control measures must be formulated before mold contamination occurs.



2. The feed material warehouse should be ventilated, dry and protected from light

Ventilation, dryness and protection from light are the conditions that the feed material warehouse should have. The rapid reproduction and growth of molds are affected by temperature and humidity. When the temperature and humidity are too high, the molds will multiply and breed rapidly, produce a large amount of mycotoxins, and deteriorate the feed. quality. Therefore, the humidity in the feed material warehouse should be controlled below 65%. Avoiding light is to ensure that the nutrients of the feed are not destroyed. In order to reduce the moisture content in the warehouse, some effective measures can be taken to change it, such as storage methods and warehouse design.

3. Disinfection and pest control

The raw materials stored in the warehouse are easily contaminated by insects. In addition to biting the contaminated feed, the insects can also increase the temperature and humidity. Insects are very sensitive to temperature changes. The most suitable temperature for insect reproduction is about 29°C. When the temperature is lower than 15.5°C, the reproduction is very slow or even stops. When the temperature is as high as 41°C or higher, it is difficult to grow and reproduce, and it is almost nonexistent. Therefore, the insects must be regularly exterminated to ensure the feed storage period.

Microorganisms are also a way to contaminate feed materials, such as animal protein feeds such as silkworm pupae, meat and bone meal, fish meal and bone meal. These raw materials that are easily contaminated and invaded by microorganisms can be sealed and fumigated with formaldehyde solution and potassium permanganate on a regular basis. Achieve prevention and insecticidal effects.



4. Keep the grease tightly closed and add antioxidants

As an energy feed material, fat contains very high unsaturated fatty acids and is prone to oxidation. In order to prevent it from being oxidized and cause rancidity during storage, the main reason for its oxidative rancidity must first be found out. Studies have shown that the reason for the fat Easily oxidized, rancidity occurs because of changes in environmental conditions, such as changes in light, temperature, and humidity, which will cause oxidative rancidity. Oil and fat feed ingredients have high protein, vitamin and fat content, and their surface has no protective layer. When there is strong light, it will quickly oxidize and become rancid under high temperature and high humidity. Therefore, protection from light, low temperature and low humidity is also one of the main measures to prevent the deterioration of fat feed ingredients. In addition, antioxidants can be added to some fat feed ingredients to prevent the occurrence of oxidation, which is also an effective method.

5. Maintain the granularity integrity of feed ingredients

For some granular feeds, in order to avoid the loss of nutrients in the feed during storage, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the particle size, do not crush or sieving, because the higher the crushing degree, the more serious the loss of nutrients. Maintain its own characteristics, so that the content of its own nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, and fat, does not change. This also better guarantees the safety of feed production and provides a guarantee for the healthy growth of livestock and poultry animals.


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