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Three links of daily maintenance of feed crushing


Crushing is a high-energy-consuming process in feed mills, accounting for more than 30%. The daily maintenance of feed, hammers, screens and other feed mills can help improve the efficiency of the mills, reduce energy consumption, and save processing costs.

1. Repair and replacement of screen

When the screen is worn or broken down by foreign objects, if the damaged area is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering; if the large area is damaged, a new screen should be replaced. At the same time, sieve pieces with corresponding sieve holes should be selected according to the particle size requirements of the crushed materials. When installing the screen, the burr side of the screen hole should be facing inward and the smooth side facing outward, and the screen and the screen frame should be tightly fitted. When the ring screen is installed, the stubble opening of the inner layer of the overlap should follow the direction of rotation to prevent the material from jamming at the overlap.






2. Lubrication and replacement of bearings

The bearings should be cleaned after every 300 hours of operation of the grinder. If the bearing is lubricated by engine oil. When adding new engine oil, it is advisable to fill 1/3 of the bearing seat gap, and no more than 1/2 at most. Just tighten the cover of the constant cover oil cup a little before operation. When the bearing of the crusher is severely worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time, and attention should be paid to strengthen the lubrication; if the tapered roller bearing is used, the axial distance of the bearing should be checked to keep it at 0.2-0.4 mm. The paper pad at the bearing cover can be adjusted.





Third, the adjustment and replacement of the hammer

1) The hammers of the crusher are arranged in a symmetrical arrangement. When the hammers are installed, they must be arranged in strict accordance with the requirements. The weight difference between the corresponding two sets of hammers shall not exceed 5 grams.

2) After the sharp angle of the hammer is blunt, it can be used to adjust the angle in the reverse direction (realizing the forward and reverse rotation every day can make the two sharp corners of the hammer wear at the same time). If both sharp corners of the hammer are worn out, they should be turned around. When turning around, all the hammers should be carried out at the same time to maintain the balance of the rotor.

3) After the four corners are worn out, new hammers should be replaced. The arrangement of the hammers should be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the manual, and each group of hammers should be weighed.

4) In the late stage of hammer wear, due to uneven wear, the pulverizer loses balance and the vibration is aggravated. At this time, the static balance of the rotor should be corrected, the hammers should be recombined or new hammers should be replaced.




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