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The trend of intelligent construction of feed enterprises


In this fertile soil of China, feed machinery processing technology has been growing as an important sector of intelligent manufacturing, and industry competition has become increasingly fierce. If feed machinery companies want to stand firm in the rapids of feed machinery processing in China and the world, product performance and perfect services are indispensable. In recent years, thanks to the advancement of science and technology, China's feed industry has developed rapidly and has made continuous progress in intensification and systematization, reaching new heights. However, the market structure of feed companies is not clear, and the intelligent construction of feed companies still needs a long way to go.

The world's scientific and technological revolution is changing with each passing day, and the rapid development of China today has attracted the attention of the world. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction. China's feed industry only started in the 1980s. The feed machinery industry serves the feed industry, provides engineering solutions, actively applies new technologies and processes, accelerates the accumulation of technology and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and continues to occupy the commanding heights of technology. Now the demographic dividend is getting lower and lower, and the cost of employing people is getting higher and higher. Through the application of intelligent technology, it is possible to achieve a feed factory starting with raw materials and producing finished products, almost no labor is required, and the entire production process can be traced. This is the embodiment of scientific and technological power.

The establishment of an intelligent feed factory is a requirement for the future development of feed enterprises. Feed production has shifted from manual to mechanization, which not only liberates labor from labor intensity and the environment, but also greatly improves production efficiency. With the development of technology and the times, first of all, the homogeneity of products on the market is becoming more and more serious, and secondly, the individual needs of customers are gradually increasing. Construction is a development trend. At present, many factories are semi-intelligent or adopt intelligent equipment or management in a certain link. I believe that with the rapid development of the feed industry, the level of intelligence in feed factories will become higher and higher.

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