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Crusher repair and maintenance regulations


1. Safety operation rules of crusher

1. When inspecting, repairing and maintaining the machine, the power supply must be cut off and a warning sign must be hung up.

2. The operating door can only be opened after the machine is completely stopped.

3. Only after the machine is completely stopped, the foreign objects in the machine can be cleaned. It is strictly forbidden to clean the materials in the machine by hand.

4. Keep the V-belt protective cover intact.

5. Motor cables and wires should have protective sleeves.

2. Maintenance procedures

1. Lubricate the roller bearings once every 1 month of operation, and use lithium-based grease as the lubricant.

2. Check the wear of the roller tooth profile once a month. The severely worn roller should be repaired or replaced.

3. Check all fasteners at any time, and there must be no looseness.

4. Check the tightness of the spring every month and make necessary adjustments at any time.

5. Check the running and wear condition of the V-belt monthly to ensure the tension of the V-belt, and replace the worn-out V-belt in time.

6. Check the working condition of the bypass organization every month.

Three, maintenance procedures

Minor repairs are carried out once every six months and include:

1. Clean up the pneumatic triple parts and solenoid valves.

2. Check whether the bolts in the motor junction box are loose, and replace the damaged seal ring.

3. Disassemble, wash and lubricate the roller bearings.

4. Check the wear of sprocket and chain.

5. Check the tightness of the compression spring and make necessary adjustments.

6. Check the wear of the crushing roller.

Intermediate training is conducted once a year, and the content includes:

1. Minor repair all content.

2. Check the motor bearings and replace the lubricating oil.

3. Check the wear of the pulley.

4. Check and replace the cylinder sealing ring and piston ring.

5. Check whether the safety travel switch is flexible and reliable.

6. Repair or replace the cylinder body according to the wear condition of the cylinder body.

7. Check the wear of the roller, feeding roller bearing and bearing seat, and replace or repair if necessary.

8. Check and replace the adjusting spring.


Four, common faults and troubleshooting methods


Failure phenomenon cause of issue elimination method
Uneven broken size, unbroken phenomenon 1. Rolling distance is too large 2. Two rolls are not parallel 3. Leakage 1. Adjust the rolling distance 2. Adjust the parallelism of the two rolls 3. Seal the leakage
Large proportion of powder 1. The rolling distance is too small. 2. The teeth of the rollers are severely worn. 3. The hardness of the incoming particles is low and the adhesion is not good. 1. Adjust the rolling distance and the parallelism of the amount of roll 2. Re-draw the roll or replace with a new roll 3. Analyze the reason for the low particle hardness and increase the particle hardness
Roll unilateral work 1. Feeding is concentrated in one place 2. Feeding is too much, too strong 3. Uneven rolling distance 1. Make the feed evenly 2. Reduce the amount of feed 3. Re-adjust the rolling distance to make the rolling distance even



Crusher repair and maintenance regulations






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