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Liangyou shares teach you how to make the wood pellet machine have a longer service life



Liangyou shares teach you how to make the wood pellet machine have a longer service life


In recent years, the structure of the wood pellet machine has been constantly updated, but no matter how the model is changed, the mold as a vulnerable part must always be replaced. And expensive molds are also a big cost in the production of wood pellets. Proper maintenance directly affects the service life of the wood pellet machine mold, and therefore directly affects the processing cost of wood pellets. So what are the ways to make the mold of the wood pellet machine last longer?

1. Clean up the oil regularly

   Anyone who has processed sawdust pellets knows that every day after the end of production, oil is used to replace the sawdust and stay in the die hole. Liangyou shares remind everyone that if the mold is not used for more than one month, it is recommended to take out the oil in the mold. Therefore, the oil will gradually harden during the long-term storage process, which will make it difficult to remove it during the next use, which will seriously affect the follow-up of the mold. use.

2. There is no need to clean the mold for a long time

   If the mold and pressure roller are not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the mold and clean it before storing. It mainly cleans the particles inside the mold and the sawdust attached to the surface of the mold. On the one hand, it prevents the hardening of particles due to long-term storage and is difficult to remove. On the other hand, because the sawdust has water absorption, if the sawdust on the surface is not removed, the corrosion of the mold surface may be accelerated.

3. The mold should be stored in a dry and ventilated place

   The molds of the wood pellet machine are mostly made of alloy steel. If they are kept in a humid place for a long time, the surface of the mold may be damaged due to air corrosion, which greatly reduces its service life.

Fourth, the handling process must be careful

   The die of the wood pellet machine is a high-precision accessory. The die holes are carefully processed according to the compression ratio of the die. If you are careless during the handling process, the structure of the inner wall of the die hole may be damaged, which may result in forming when the pellets are processed. Low rate and short service life.

Five, use oil filling

   After the daily particle processing is finished, oil should be used for grinding for a period of time to ensure that all the oil is left in the die hole. This will be of great benefit to the next day's work and also conducive to the long-term use of the mold. The oil can be made by mixing waste engine oil and sawdust. It is made once and can be recycled.

The above are five tips in the process of using the wood pellet machine. According to these five methods to maintain the mold, I believe that your mold can last longer. Liangyou shares will escort your healthy production at any time, consultation telephone: 051968266288/68266588


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