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Safety design of steel silo project



Safety design of steel silo project


As the grain steel silo has become the mainstream silo type in the grain and oil industry, its safety issues have increasingly become one of the focuses of the industry. In the past 20 years, the dust explosion accident rate of grain steel silos in grain and oil processing plants and feed plants has been on the rise. Starting from the design, considering various influencing factors, and adopting comprehensive prevention and control measures, dust can be effectively controlled and dust explosion accidents can be prevented.

1. The overall planning and design of steel silos follow the principle of overall fortification. The production process should be sealed and automated as much as possible; special safety walls and isolation belts (such as firewalls, green belts, fire doors, etc.) should be set up for buildings and mechanical equipment with explosion hazards, and fireproof materials should be used appropriately; for lightning protection, Grounding, anti-static and fire protection design should be fully considered, and safe and reliable preventive measures should be taken.

2. In the structural design of the steel silo, the steel silo should be equipped with safety devices such as ventilation windows, explosion vents, inspection holes, etc. to maintain the normal pressure in the silo; level devices should be installed in the silo and silo to send out the full silo Signals to prevent the hoist and conveyor from being blocked; for local vulnerable places (such as closed corridors, trestle bridges, etc.), set explosion-proof windows to achieve the purpose of venting; use lightning rods or lightning protection belts, etc.

3. Design of ventilation and dust removal technology. Reasonable ventilation and dust removal technology plays a positive role in preventing dust explosion. It is very important to select appropriate parameters and methods when designing. Try to use dust hoods and protective covers. Choose the appropriate suction point position and the structure of the wind hood, especially for the position of the grain, so as to form a wind belt with the outside world when the grain is loaded, so as to prevent dust from flying. Install a dust hood near the dust source to keep the dust in a small range.

4. In the design of the grain conveying process, the process flow should be short, the equipment selection and layout should be reasonable, with dust-proof and explosion-proof supporting devices and sealed as far as possible, and magnetic separation equipment should be used as much as possible. Secondary purification should be adopted for parts with higher dust concentration. All electromechanical equipment shall be grounded to prevent static electricity accumulation.

5. In the design of electrical appliances, the correct specifications and models of lamps and wires must be selected, and explosion-proof types must be used. The motor should adopt a vibration damping device to reduce dust flying and spreading. When designing, the principle of overall fortification must be followed, and the supporting design for dust and explosion prevention must be done.

Sixth, adopt new dust-proof and explosion-proof technology

The spray dust suppression technology not only perfects the current dust control methods, but also broadens the existing new ideas for dust control. In addition, the application of spray water mist explosion-proof and dust-removing technology can effectively suppress dust flying, and has a better dust suppression effect, which is more suitable for grain and oil processing plants and grain transfer warehouses.

In addition to the above points, in order to effectively prevent dust explosions in grain steel silos, while actively adopting dust and explosion-proof measures, it is also necessary to strengthen the management and technical training of dust and explosion-proof technologies during the use of the silo.


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