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Potential raw materials of biomass pellet fuel


Potential raw materials for biomass pellet fuel

Biomass fuel is a new type of environmentally friendly energy, because the production of biomass fuel will not cause environmental damage, especially excessive logging and destruction of forests, and it can also turn waste into treasure and reduce the burden of nature. A large part of the raw materials of biomass pellets are waste materials from wood processing and other raw materials of very low value.

Fuel pellets are not made from the high-value parts of the tree. Most of the usable part of the felled trees is turned into wood, paper or other artificial wood products; the remaining wood chips and some by-products produced by the sawmill will be used as biomass raw materials. Therefore, only part of the wood that is not suitable for wood and other construction/furniture products or pulp and paper will be made into biomass pellets. For example: ancient trees and cutting and processing residues are mainly resources such as piles, branches, roots, leaves, etc. of various trees, as well as wood shavings, wood chips, broken wood and other forestry processing wastes, but it is this part of the raw materials that is very good biomass Fuel source. The other part is the dead branches and leaves pruned in forest farms and orchards. In fact, the raw materials in this part are abundant, and so far they have not been used very effectively. On the one hand, these pruned branches can have millions of tons per month on average in each area; secondly, these dead branches and fallen leaves can easily lead to forest fires if they are not treated frequently, because they have extremely low water content and are easily ignited. It is an extremely excellent attribute for the raw materials used to produce biomass fuels. So if this part of the raw materials can be fully utilized, it will be able to replace the heat/electricity supply of millions of standard coal.

Another important source of biomass raw materials in my country is straw. Straws and agricultural residues are mainly crop straws, grasses, shells, and waste residues from the processing of agricultural and sideline products. my country is a large agricultural country, with more than 900 million tons of straw produced annually, which accounts for a very large proportion of biomass resources. At present, the “comprehensive utilization of straw” implemented by the state is a program that fully utilizes the value of straw. By returning straw to the field, biogasification, and feed conversion, the role of straw can be further brought into play. Normally, direct burning of straw will cause serious pollution, but when straw is processed into particles with higher density and burned in a burner, it can be fully burned without releasing solid pollutants, and the remaining plant ash is also very good Of inorganic fertilizers.

After the biomass is compressed and molded, its volume is greatly reduced, which is more convenient for transportation, storage and use, and solves the key problem of large-scale utilization of biomass. Therefore, the technology and equipment are very suitable for biomass power generation and clean energy transformation of industrial boilers. , New cooking fuel in rural areas. Jiangsu Liangyou Chia Tai Co., Ltd. always pays attention to the development and utilization of environmental protection and new energy technologies, and is committed to using leading technology to intelligently manufacture biomass machinery and engineering to provide clean energy to the world.



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