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SHGW horizontal circulation dryer


product description
It is suitable for the drying treatment of extruded feed in the feed industry, as well as the drying treatment of powder, flake, and strip materials in the feed, food and chemical industries.

Imported PET woven mesh belt, high conveying and ventilation efficiency, drying efficiency increased by more than 25%, acid and alkali resistance, and no connection gaps, so the material does not get stuck on the breathable woven mesh or fall between the bottom plates. , The feed pellets will never be destroyed or deformed;
The drying hot air in the drying section adopts different directions from left to right and a way of convection up and down, so the material particles are dried evenly up and down, and the moisture error rate is within 2%;
The dry hot air is recycled and utilized, the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved, and a large amount of steam energy is saved. The drying time adopts frequency conversion stepless adjustment setting, which is easy to control the moisture content of the product and reach the standard range;
Adopt the swinging distributor, the cloth is even, and the moisture uniformity is good;
The heat exchanger of the dryer is equipped with a high-efficiency trap, which effectively removes the air and condensed water in the steam pipe. After the steam pipe (air, condensate) is removed, the heat exchange function can be increased by 10%;
According to user needs, an automatic temperature control device can be selected, and the drying temperature control adopts a microcomputer PID automatic temperature control system, with a proportional pneumatic control valve, and the temperature control is accurate within 3℃. After the temperature is set, the amount of steam is automatically adjusted to effectively control the stability of the moisture content of the finished product and reduce unnecessary steam waste in the production process.

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