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FDSP steel silo: an integrated storage system for grain storage, grain preservation and transportation


FDSP with more than 25 years of industry experience, has created quality with ingenuity and brand with quality. As a growing national high-tech enterprise in the industry, we focus on the research, design, manufacturing and installation of grain storage engineering, tailor-made personalized storage and transportation technology integrated system solutions, and provide professional products to customers around the world , Technology and services, serving the grain storage engineering market with the concepts of environmental protection, intelligence, low consumption and low carbon.
Liangyou storage machinery and engineering: suitable for industrial fields such as grain, feed, oil, flour, brewing, building materials, chemicals, port environmental protection, etc., to solve problems such as high labor intensity, large area, high cost, difficult storage and transportation, and difficult control of temperature and humidity. , To realize the storage and transportation of "large capacity, automation and intelligence".
Professional design-personalized customization service
We have a professional team specializing in steel silo design, manufacturing and installation for many years, creatively applying new technologies and new processes, and constantly developing new products that keep pace with the times, and provide customers at home and abroad with spiral silo and assembly silo options. , To meet the needs of different customers for the storage of different raw materials.
Professional manufacturing-advanced processing equipment
Liangyou shares selected industry-specific corrugated board production lines, column production lines, and warehouse roof production lines. The company has integrated manufacturing workshops, blanking workshops, metal processing workshops, paint workshops, and electronic control workshops, equipped with high-precision laser cutting machines, Numerical control bending machine, with perfect production process, advanced processing equipment, and lean quality control, guarantee the excellent quality of products.
Professional installation-rich construction experience
The rolling, punching and arc bending of Liangyou prefabricated steel silo are all controlled by computer. Corrugated plates, columns, warehouse roofs and other components have high precision, strong interchangeability, and easy installation, which greatly improves the quality and reliability of the steel silo.
01. High precision
A full set of foreign advanced processing equipment and technology are introduced, with high processing accuracy and easy installation, reducing damage to the surface zinc layer.
02. High degree of automation
It can achieve a high degree of mechanization and automation, high production efficiency, and save a lot of labor.
03. Wide range of reserves
The single warehouse can hold 15,000 tons and is fully equipped to meet the different needs of customers.
04. Easy maintenance
It adopts standardized, serialized and generalized galvanized steel sheet and accessories, with superior replacement performance, convenient maintenance and easy to achieve capacity expansion or migration.
05. Investment province
Compared with other types of silos, the total cost is 15-20% lower, saving investment costs.
During the construction of the Liangyou spiral warehouse, it is completely constructed by special equipment. During the rolling process, the outer wall of the warehouse is bitten into a spiral convex strip 5 times the thickness of the material and 30-40mm wide, which greatly enhances the load-bearing capacity of the warehouse body. , Which greatly improves the overall strength, stability and seismic resistance of the steel silo.
01. High strength
The vertical reinforcing ribs on the inner wall of the cylinder and the horizontal spiral undercut ribs greatly enhance the strength of the whole body, and have strong wind resistance, earthquake resistance and snow load resistance.
02. Good sealing
The cylinder link is made of spiral undercut, the undercut thickness is five times the thickness of the whole body, and the sealing performance is good, which is convenient for fumigation and insecticide.
03. Short construction period
It only takes 5-6 days to build a 1000-ton steel silo, which can help customers put it into use as soon as possible and create benefits.
04. Beautiful and practical appearance
The shape of the storage is tapered, it is not easy to accumulate dust and water, and the line of the storage body is smooth.
05. Long service life
The cylinder body is made of hot-dip galvanized coils, and the roof of the warehouse is treated with a new process, which has strong corrosion resistance.
Liangyou shares can provide you with warehousing system projects in the following industries: grain industry, feed industry, oil industry, building materials industry, brewing industry and port industry steel silo projects. The spiral steel silo type can provide customers with 50-6000 tons of different specifications and models of flat bottom, cone bottom, fluidized discharge, porous discharge and other different discharge forms of silo; the assembled steel silo type can be used by customers Provide 30-12,000 tons of silos with different specifications and models and discharging forms.

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