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Purchase and operation steps of complete feed equipment


The complete set of feed equipment includes small feed unit, medium and small feed unit and large feed unit. The output of small feed unit is usually between 200-500 kg, the output of medium and small feed unit is between 500-2000 kg, and the unit with an hourly output of more than 2000 kg belongs to large-scale feed equipment. The small feed unit is suitable for small farms and small feed processing households to invest. Generally, the power distribution is less than 35kw, and the investment amount is between 16,000 and 36,000. Small and medium-sized feed units are suitable for small and medium-sized farms and medium-sized feed processing households to invest. Generally, the power distribution is less than 60kw, and the investment amount is between 28,000 and 68,000. The large-scale feed unit is suitable for large-scale feed processing households to invest, the general distribution power is 80-150kw, and the investment amount exceeds 120,000 yuan.

  Use and operation of complete feed equipment

  1. Check the machine as follows before work:

  (1) Whether the connecting screws of each part of the machine are tight.

  (2) Check whether electrical equipment components and wires are leaking.

  (3) Whether the cotter pin of the hammer pin on the rotor is severely worn, and if the wear is severe, it should be replaced immediately.

  (4) Whether the sieve is intact.

  2. The materials to be crushed should be placed in a clean place to prevent metal objects and larger stones from being mixed in and damaging the machine.

  3. Start idling for 3-5 minutes to see if the direction of the grinder is correct, the standby machine reaches the rated speed, and the feed can be made after stable operation.

  5. When the machine is running, the operator is not allowed to leave the work post, and is not allowed to disassemble any parts of the machine. The tools must not be placed on the pile and the machine. When the machine makes an abnormal sound, stop immediately, open the switch, and the standby device stops steadily. After that, it can be disassembled for inspection.

  6.After the crushing is completed, you should continue idling for 2-3 minutes to remove the residual material.If you suddenly stop due to a fault or power failure, you should open the front cover to remove the residual material before starting again.Start without load, and load starting is strictly prohibited.

  7. The pulverizer allows forward and reverse rotation. When the two corners of one end of the hammer are ground off by 1/4, remove the rotor and turn the hammers upside down in the original arrangement sequence.

  8. After crushing the materials, turn off the crusher.

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