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Key points for design of crushing equipment


Consider again installing a magnet at the discharge port to remove iron impurities in the product (especially the auxiliary material destroyer). If the product has more stringent requirements, the internal parts of the destroyer should be made of stainless steel. The maintenance and repair of the selected destruction machine should be convenient, and the supply of cost and wearing parts should also be considered. The equipment related to the destroyer also needs to be considered including feeders, suction systems, impurity removal magnets, transportation equipment and electronic control equipment. The more commonly used feeder for controlling the feed volume of the destroyer is the volumetric type, which can be screw type, impeller type, oscillating type, belt type and scraper type feeder. Because the material flow of the screw feeder is swayed and confined in a limited area during unloading, this feature will cause uneven load of the destroyer, and the screen area cannot be fully utilized. The parts in some areas are severely worn. If it is necessary to use screw feeding, it can be It adopts shrinking conical spiral, double spiral, cutting spiral and blade type spiral. The trough-type impeller feeder feeds more evenly and can feed along the entire length of the entrance of the destroyer. The oscillating feeder can also improve a uniform and stable material flow.


  In short, when choosing a feeder, it is necessary to consider the capital money, the stability of the feeding, the adaptability to the damaged material, the size of the structure, and the estimated repair and maintenance costs of the feeder and its variable speed drive equipment. Do not choose a feeder that cannot feed uniformly along the entire length of the entrance of the destroyer and cannot increase the uniform feeding speed. Uneven feeding will cause instability of working conditions, even with the best load controller; uneven feeding will also cause uneven wear, lower yields, and destroy poor quality. In order to make the destruction machine more stable and safe operation, it can also consider monitoring the material temperature rise of the destruction machine, motor load, oscillation, temperature rise of the bearing and lubrication. Appropriate equipment for these sensors, especially oscillation sensors, can predict possible problems in advance and formulate corresponding repair plans. All sports equipment should be equipped with safety limit switches. The general equipment is at the access door, the action area of ​​the moving parts in the slide pipe, and the protective cover of the transmission equipment. In order to avoid damage to the transportation equipment and processing equipment behind the machine from overheating, fire and blasting accidents, the control system and the action travel switch should be combined. The manipulator of the saboteur generally has an analog load manipulator and a PLC electronic control system. The analog load controller can only adjust the speed of the feeder to stabilize the load current of the destroyer motor at a preset point. The PLC electronic control system can realize load control, destroy the interlock of the system, and communicate with the computer and other controllers. The use of a manipulator to control the crushing equipment can help improve the utilization of the power system, save manpower, ensure the high electrical output value of the destroyer, and also reduce the maintenance and repair problems of the destroyer and its rear system, making the cost of destroying the system The cost has dropped drastically.



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