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Production purpose and routine matters of feed machinery


The purpose of the production of feed machinery can be mainly understood as further improving the quality of feed products in the pelleting process and ensuring that feed products meet the requirements of feed technology. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to determine the suitable feed machinery first, and at the same time make corresponding preparations.


The main contents of routine preparation before the production of feed machinery are as follows:


1. Prepare before starting up, check and replace the ring die and screen of the feed machinery according to the established production plan, understand the steam supply, clean the residual material in the pellet mill, remove the condensate in the modulator pipeline, and clean the cooler. Carry out maintenance on the granulator to ensure the normal operation of the granulator.


2. Boot safe. It is usually notified by the production dispatching room to start up. When the feed machinery is turned on, the next process is usually started, and then the previous process is started. When the host is turned on, the feeder is turned on after the Y-△ pressure is reduced and the start is turned to normal .


3. During the operation of the feed machinery, attention should be paid to observe the various control instruments, and appropriately adjust the feeding speed, steam pressure, tempering temperature, steam addition amount and cutter distance according to the actual production situation. So as to ensure that the product production process quality requirements are met and recorded.


4. Shut down. After the production operation is completed, when the feed machinery needs to be shut down, the front process should be shut down first, and then the next process should be shut down. Before shutting down, oily vegetable materials should be used to fill the mold holes to avoid material blockage. At the same time, it is necessary to clean up the residual materials in the feed machinery pelletizer, clean up the equipment site, and clean.


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